Victoria, British Columbia

Re-Envisioning World Hearth for Peace and Friendship

It is time to re-envision how we would like to unfold the new

World Hearth for Peace and Friendship.

We will begin by focusing on cultural experiences to different parts of the world.

We also have humanitarian interests in Nepal.

Stay tuned as we find our way and find our words!

The Living White Dove of Peace

The Living White Dove of Peace
Peace is a fresh and quiet breeze that has no sound.  It is the inside of suffering when the
struggle free falls with arms outstretched knowing neither above nor below only the infinite
moment of timelessness.  It is the willing participation in the unfolding fragrance of inner
beauty of a seed, a thought, or a place.  Peace is the morning dew lying upon the petals of
expansion and contraction in the soul bearing a jewel of dignity, reflecting the eternal morning
on Earth.  It lives in the songs and the calls of the birds at dawn.  It lives in the breath of the
Love is a wardrobe of many colours and worldly textures, composed of etheric dimensions.
It bears cosmic proportions and ocean-deep mysteries.  It is discovered within the gaze of wonder
and the presence of another.  It has its conception, context and inner environments in the
openness of the human heart and soul.  It is the source of life.  It is the beginning of that which is
created.  It is vast.  It is full of hidden substance, unseen landscapes, and dwellings of dignity
prepared to be taken in and entered selflessly in communion with the living.  It is the seed which
begins the story of life.
Living wisdom is the presence of the white dove of peace merging with our uprightness
from behind uniting the winged world with the human arms of genuine interest, understanding
and willingness to participate.  Living wisdom embraces the heartbeat of the world and blossoms
into a red rose of loving compassion and accompanies the evolution of humanity’s consciousness
through time.  It is the confidence of truth and the courage of love woven into a way of being
For the light of truth found in wisdom, is discovered,
The light of truth found in love, is created,
And the light of truth found in peace is lived.